November 18, 2012

Mizu | Teneriffe [Newstead/New Farm]

Maguro Tataki -
seared fresh tuna slices, daikon and salad mix with ponzu sesame dressing
Wagyu Tataki -
 seared wagyu beef slices served with house made ponzu sauce and yuzu paste
Sashimi (small)
Special - Ramen Salad

Buri Shioyaki - grilled sea salt flavored fresh kingfish, soba, wild rocket, carrot  and walnuts salad, wasabi lime mayonnaise, topped with salmon caviar
Sea Bass Saikoyaki -
grilled miso marinated Australian sea bass, fried eggplant & zucchini with saikyo miso sauce, topped with wild rocket  and crispy julianne salad
**Teneriffe/Newstead/New Farm - depends on who you ask/locals i'm sure it'll be one of these. According to google maps it is Newstead - but is also referred to as Teneriffe now that it is a recognised suburb and if you're lazy like me, i just sort of refer to the whole general area as New Farm along the river - lol.

The Fatty and I dined here for dinner Saturday night. Unexpectedly we scored a table without making a reservation (but we were told we the next reservation would arrive at 730 - so we had about 45 mins to eat which was plenty of time - well for us anyway - and the food didn't take long to come out as well!). The last few times i tried to eat eat here it was either closed or fully booked. Again this is one of the places i always go pass but never tried.

The choices on the Menu is more traditional Japanese rather than fusion. The Maguro Tataki is my absolute favourite dish out of everything we ordered. I could eat plates of this! Loved the tenderness and the ponzo dressing from the salad that it was drenched in!! It's the perfect dish for a warm summer night! I really thought i would enjoy the wagyu tataki more though.. but the slices were just a bit too tough for my liking. The sashimi was still good, but it didn't have the 'wow-factor' which makes you have a preference over other sashimi... I really enjoyed the Buri Shioyaki, but i found that some parts of the fish was a little bit dry(?) not sure if it's supposed to be like that? Loved the soba salad it came with - again somehow because the flavours in all the dishes we chose just had a light and fresh feel to it, perfect meals for summer! Not too sure about how i feel about the Sea Bass though... the way it was cooked was perfect - the fish was really warm and tender, however personally i'm sort of undecided on the flavour of sea bass.. i don't dislike it, but i also don't like it either! Maybe it's an acquired taste over time.. (definitely doesn't taste like other fish to me!). 

 Compared to other Japanese restaurants (ie: Sono & Sake) i've been to, this one definitely has more of a 'home-y/traditional' taste/feel to it. This place has been blogged mostly about their traditional breakfasts, so a re-visit is definitely on the tables!

Hm. I did enjoy the food here - that is i really enjoyed the Maguro Tataki - however i'm still sitting in the middle about this place. (but definitely leaning towards the like rather than dislike scale!!)

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