November 5, 2012

Comfort at My Table | Milton

One Pan Fry Up - cheese kransky, bacon,  roasted chats, thyme mushrooms, 1 fried egg, spinach, farmhouse chutney, seeded mustard, toasted rye
Savoury Mince - a nod to tex mex, corn tortillas,  poached eggs, avocado, coriander & fennel seed yoghurt and grilled lemon (also asked for extra mushrooms!)
Comfort at my Table - named rightly so. It has a girly, home-ish, feel to it when you first see it; it has the flowers, a few vintagey looking tables for 2 outside, pink chairs and cute decor. Some have described this place as full 'vintagey' however i disagree. It has more of a 'girly'/canteen/cafeteria feel to it...   the 'vintage' decorations sort of go half way then sort of stops and becomes 'modern' - i suppose it's like it became confused whether or not it should be vintage/cute or new/modern. i mean it has its charms but what i mean is if you compare it to Dandelion & Driftwood - you can tell that they put there 100% into the whole vintagey theme.

For a Sunday morning, this place was busy and a wait line had already started. Mind you, this was also only 830ish in the morning! i also noted that tables were actually reserved ahead of time.. so if it gives you any idea, this place is pretty popular that even early appearances doesn't always assure you a table!

Food! I was drawn instantly to the display of cakes... i didn't end up trying any, but the display of cakes and slices were very distracting when one is trying to read a menu.. Being my adventurous self, i went with the Savoury Mince (which isn't very adventurous in fact! hah!) and S went with the usual 'Bacon and Eggs' in the form of the One Pan Fry Up. While i have no complaints about the mince (it was saucy, flavoursome and very mincey - the ratio of sauce to mince was higher - a warning for those who prefer a 'chunkier' style mince! It's a pretty saucey explosion of flavour in your mouth) but the real standout here has to be the mushrooms and the egg - the mushrooms being requested as 'extras' - i have to say they were pretty much cooked to perfection, tender & flavoursome (note: I LOVE MUSHROOMS; these mushrooms were pretty heavenly!) and the eggs perfectly runny. So in having said that... the tortilla were a bit too 'soft' for my liking.. so it didn't really make a good accompaniment with the sauce and poached egg.. a crustier/toasted bread would have suited this dish more considering how saucey it is! You can't exactly use the tortilla to 'scoop up' the mince unfortunately! 

The One Pan Fry Up is presented in a rustic sort of way in a pan, but as S commented when she was eating.. it wasn't so practical to eat out! As you can see, it is a much meatier option in terms of the breakfast choices from the menu. The servings are quite generous so you don't have to worry about not being full after it... The menu in general is a non-traditional sort of breakfast menu; which is always a refreshing change for the adventurous persons! To be honest i'm sort of sitting on the fence with this one; i really did enjoy eating the food here, and do like the cafe in general, but unfortunately it also did not leave as big of a lasting impression as i would have hoped compared to other breakfast joints! The most comparable places would be Double Shot & Pawpaw Cafe - both in which i would prefer if i had to choose for breakfast!

(I will however, come back here from Lunch as The Fatty has mentioned that he far prefers the lunch menu than the breakfast! As well as something from the cake display that i just couldn't keep my eyes off!)

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