November 10, 2012

Brisbane Food & Wine Show | Brisbane Convention Centre

actual apples! they're not from the tin!
Went to the Food and Wine show at the Brisbane convention centre today; and if you are wondering where all the photos are well i couldn't do the whole food taking thing - when you're walking around trying samples of everything, with people bustling and pushing around to also get there share of food, and also trying to look at every single stall making sure you don't miss out on anything; you just really can't stop and snap appropriately! I did manage to get a few pictures of the cakes we had - they were amazing. S had the Pistachio and I had the Apple Crumble Cake - I love it when you can actually 'see' the actual main ingredient on a cake - the fact it taste like an actual pistachio cake and you can see pistachios! Same goes for the Apple crumble. They're actual fresh apples and not from the tin, you can definitely taste the difference as soon as you bite into it as well as see it!

Stuff we tried: beef jerky, different chilli dips, cheese, fresh made bread and pizza, various olives, duck, noodles, pasta, smoothies, german sausage, various ciders, wine, different flavoured liqueurs - white chocolate, caffe, fruity ones, jaffa flavoured etc and  blue champagne. We covered pretty much everything we could get.. not to mention we also managed to get a picture with George from Masterchef :D

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