October 11, 2012

Yum Cha Cuisine | Carindale

(yes photos are blurry - i was a bit too eager to try this! :P)

Unfortunately Yum Cha isn't a favourite so i feel i can't give a more 'in-depth' review of what i think about each dish, i mean, the 'skin' of the dumplings weren't too thick, the filling for each one was substantial enough and it wasn't oily. If anything it's comparable to most yum cha places at sunnybank, and perhaps even better than a few. I am honestly, very surprised at how good the quality of it is! The food comes out relatively quick after you order so you aren't left hanging for too long. Unfortunately the Chinese Tea isn't as good as you would find at other Chinese Yum Cha places, after a second round of hot water into the tea... a lot of the flavour is lost,.. where as if you go to the ones in Sunnybank, after 2-3 rounds the strong flavour is still there! Gosh i sound like an old lady complaining about tea!

Yum Cha is one of those things which i can only have once in a while... first because i've never really had any exceptional ones here in Brisbane and secondly... i guess i've been too many times in my childhood, such that you get sick of it! Being Chinese myself, i guess i'm a bit sceptical when a new yum cha place is open in a shopping centre precinct \ - to be honest and with the least amount of discrimination possible, when i first set foot inside i expected it to be 'Westernised' therefore did not set too high of expectations. However i'm happy to be surprised at how much i enjoyed all of them, more so the steamed dim sims - while they weren't FANTASTIC, they weren't disappointing either. This place still gets the tick of approval but personally i sit on the fence for this one since Yum Cha isn't a favourite of mine! 

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