October 28, 2012

The Burrow | West End

Wakey Wakey Eggs n Bacie - free range eggs, black forest bacon, sunflower rye toast with Pepe Saya butter (with extra Avocado)
A Bit Cheeky - Braised beef cheek with mushroom duxell√© and poached free range egg served with sunflower rye toast and red wine reduction (with extra Avocado)
 Not going to lie, but when i first saw the sign for 'The Burrow' i was determined to believe this was some sort of voodoo shop of some kind. Mind you i saw this cafe (which i know now duh!) it was dark and all i saw in my mind were the 'faces' (which in fact are bunny feet .. but all i saw was a long face with 3 eyes -_-) ... Until i saw saw other food bloggers blog about it and the photos; it obviously pointed out that it was very far from a voodoo shop...... -_-;

So S and i had breakfast here today - this place oozes casual, it's not table service - which i don't mind. What i really like about it is, is that you are given the menu, choose what you want to have, order and then sit down - sometimes it's just a bit of relief to get the paying business over with so you can just sit down, enjoy your food then leave when you're finished instead of lining up or waiting for someone to get your bill. We also went a bit later for breakfast (around 10) when there were heaps of people so our food did take a little long to come out, but the wait was worth it!

I sorta felt like a bit of a carnivore as 'A Bit Cheeky' is what i ordered, it's a filling as you are eating a generous serving of beef (which is very tender) with mushrooms duxelle, a poached egg, 4 slices of toasted rye bread and avocado as extra! I didn't taste or see any mushrooms, but despite the absence it still tasted really good! I thought the poached egg was a bit random to have with a very meaty meal, but  egg was still cooked nicely, runny on the inside! The avocado i asked as an extra because i thought, the texture of just meat would be heavy and overpowering after a while.. so i'm glad i did because although the spinach was there it didn't provide for a 'change in taste'.. if you know what i mean... Along with the generous amount of beef you also get 4 slices of rye bread (well that's what i got)... unfortunately this is the only bad thing i can say about it, i didn't particularly enjoy this type of bread.. even though it says it was toasted .. it wasn't (? - it didn't taste or look toasted...) and it was also very dense and hard to chew as well.. not the type of bread i prefer... S also had the same opinion of the bread... S opted for the more 'traditional' type breakfast of Bacon and eggs, as well as asking for extra avocado.. judging by how quickly it all disappeared from her breakfast.. i would say it's a winner! 

We both agreed this place is worth coming back for to try the other food! The menu style of food is similar to Pablo and Double Shot where the selection of the menu is a bit quirky, as in it's not typical traditional eggs and bacon sort of place! Definitely a good casual breakfasting location!

it only just clicked why it is called 'The Burrow' & the bunny feet (which i thought where ghoul faces)  - duh. le sigh.

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