October 11, 2012

Double Shot Espresso | New Farm

How cute is the cup and pepper shaker?
Breakfast special: Mushroom (marinated in sweet chilli sauce) and 2 poached eggs on toasted turkish bread with roated tomato, fresh tomatos and a wedge of lemon.
Bubble and Squeak
Similar to The Little Larder, this cafe is a small tucked away cafe in New Farm; and like The Little Larder and Kettle & Tin (Paddington), on first impressions this cafe is sort of built into a house and spills out onto the streets; Not to mention it is also dog-friendly as well. This cafe is on the smaller scale as opposed to many others, but after finishing my meal here, i can conclude that size does not matter. I can honestly see this place being packed on a weekend with people waiting to be seated!

This is not your 'traditional' sort of breakfasts, i found that the dishes we ordered seem to have a bit of a twist to them; I ordered the mushrooms and poached eggs which was the special breakfast of the day, i expected like any other cafe to be just the 'usual' eggs - poached eggs on toasted turkish bread. Rather, on first taste/inspection, the mushrooms seem to have been marinated/sauteed in some sort of sweet chilli sauce mixture (?). Yep, sounds bizarre  but interestingly enough it was very delicious - the combination of sweet chilli sauteed mushrooms with lemon juice squeezed over (and seasoned with pepper) with the eggs, fresh tomatos and toasted turkish bread made an awesome combination! There was just so much flavour altogether! (it was one of those dishes where you want  to scoff everything into your mouth - because there is so much flavour, and, so you could taste everything a once, but thankfully i didn't forget myself.. so i ate this civilly like every other person :P) The poached eggs were cooked perfectly, that when pierced it spilt over the mushrooms and  turkish bread. I did find that towards the last few bites, the amount of sauce from the mushrooms were a bit overwhelming, especially when you have the yolk of the egg with it and the already buttered toast soaking up the sauce and egg...  so the fresh tomatos were actually an excellent idea to 'break the taste' in your mouth and act as a 'refresher'.  tip: don't scoff down the fresh tomatos first!

The Fatty ordered Bubble and Squeak - I didn't really know what this was (until i just wiki'd it) that it's supposedly suppose to be made from 'left over' vegetables and roasted or made into a mash of some sort - that is, according to what i've read (don't quote me). But, this dish is definitely far from being 'left overs', all of the vegetables, potato, mushroom, peas and pumpkin are roasted until soft and seasoned generously. This was so delicious. Especially with the poached eggs and toast, it makes a very substantial breakfast. It has to be what they used to season it - i mean what ever it is, i don't think i've enjoyed roast vegetables this much; and especially for breakfast! This item is a regular on the menu (as opposed to what i ordered) so i would more confidently recommend to try this item out!

(I need to mention the cups they use. I love the Bodum Insulator Cup that my latte came in, it keeps the coffee hot inside but is cool to touch without burning your hand when holding it. I know, I'm a bit lame, but how freakin cute and awesome is the cup?)

This place is relatively new still, but i can definitely see this place grow in popularity as word spreads. I spy more items on the menu i would try out, so for me, this place is definitely worth a re-visit! Like i mentioned initially, as it is on the smaller scale for cafes, i think it's safe to say to go there early before it gets too busy!

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  1. Wow - love those latte glasses! Now that is some fancy bubble & squeak right there - definitely does not resemble the bubble & squeak my grandma used to make (which was truly made from all the vegetables lurking at the bottom of the crisper.)


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