October 14, 2012

Ann =Gyoza Bar= [Lunch Menu] | Fortitude Valley

Spicy Gyoza (comes with the Tower Lunch Box set)  - comes on a bed of fresh bean/salad so that the gyoza won't stick to the pan and at the same time keep the gyoza hot :D
Tower Lunch Box Set
 So Good. Sorry, but it shits over Harajuku Gyoza - well anything beats Harajuku Gyoza - even supermarket gyoza is better (obviously in my opinion, and excuse the french) i'll stop as i'll go off on a tangent about how much i don't enjoy harajuku gyoza!

The Lunch menu is quite basic, there is a choice of the Tower Box Set with rice, 2 hand rolls of sushi and salad PLUS a choice of 6 pieces of gyoza (spicy, pork, seafood, cheese, etc) or beef, chicken, pork etc ~ The other option is the Bento lunch, but that doesn't include the gyoza in it...  The gyoza is panfried on one side and still soft on the other... when they bring it out, it's on a hot plate so the gyoza is left hot even when you're eating the rice/sides, which is convenient. The skin of the gyoza is not too thick or too thin, and the filling is quite substantial.. so far i have tried the 'spicy' filling which i presume is in combination with pork, the cheese filling which is actually pretty good - it's filled with cheese, corn and pork i think (? or i could be imagining there was meat there.. but the important thing is that it was pretty cheesy!) - i know, sounds sort of weird, but it's really good - worth a try as it is different to your general pork/chicken gyoza! Also tried the plain pork one which is just as good on its own with the sauce! The good thing is, if the Tower Lunch Box Set is not enough for you, you can always order extra gyoza :) I generally don't talk about the 'cost' of food - because it's not the reason why i visit a place/why i don't visit a place.. but i think it's just worth a mention here that it is definitely good value for the quality of food produced!

The gyoza here is definitely the better ones i've tasted while out in Brisbane (nothing beats homemade gyoza though!) - the interior here has more of a traditional japanese feel to it; and whilst it might reflect a 'formal' dining area, if anything it's the opposite; and, if you're expecting  large portions to fill a stomach, fancy cocktails and fancy presentation of food to take instagram photos of, then this place probably isn't for you. This place focuses more on the simplicity of the gyoza served and presented rather than 'pretty-ing' up the gyoza on a plate (come on, there's only so many ways you can make gyoza fancy - it's going to end up in your stomach anyway). Also gyoza isn't intended to be a complete meal for those who would complain about how little they get! Gyoza isn't a meal itself! There's a reason why it's served with rice & sides as well as the option of ordering more!

(This place actually opened a few days ago, the guy who opened this also owns Nonbei in The Valley which is just as good! Definitely worth a visit!)

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  1. LOL. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with strong feeling about Harajuku Gyoza. Not sure what's the big whoop about that place.

    I thought the hot plate is a brilliant idea. Can't wait to try it this Friday.

    1. yep - concept of Harajuku Gyoza is a good idea; gyoza and beer... but the taste of gyoza is pretty disappointing!!
      Ann Gyoza is definitely worth a visit :) Hope you enjoy it!


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