October 5, 2012

Anise | New Farm

Scallops, chorizo, witlof, pea, broad beans
Duck breast, wild mushroom risotto, porcini velouté

Lamb back strap, confit leg, pommé moussaline, cavalo nero
Actually came here for Kei's Birthday last Friday, but due to a busy week, i wasn't able to update sooner! (Photos again from Kei's camera). So! Onto the Food!

Between the Entrees, i chose the scallops. These were delicious - They were lightly smoked but also so tender that it was 'melt in your mouth' sort of moment! Chorizos were also served with, the extra saltiness really does compliment the light taste of the scallops, further more the beans and pea puree helped to reduce the sharp salty taste from the chorizo itself! While it might sound strange to have that sort of combination of the tastes helped balanced it out! I mean, this is the first dish, but i absolutely loved these scallops and i've already qualified this as a favourite from here!

I was adventurous with the main meal (hah! not really); it's just that normally i don't choose lamb because it is my least favourite of types of meat, so i don't know what crossed my mind to choose this, but thank god i did. I loved the lamb! This has to be one of the most tender and flavoursome lamb cuts i've ever had. It doesn't have that 'really really really lamb' smell, nor is it drowned in spices or sauce (*the lamb smell like as in it doesn't taste like its been freshly butchered.. i dunno how to explain this!! it still taste like lamb.. just not overwhelming!!). I was so surprised when my knife literally sliced through it! Under the lamb was a serving of potato that was so creamy and served so nicely with the lamb! For someone who rarely eats lamb, i actually would recommend this dish if you go there!

The other choices for the main (from the photos i posted) are the Duck and the Fish, and like the Lamb,  they were very appealing to the eye - and the people who ate these gave a thumbs up to these dishes as well! Anise is a very intimate bar/restaurant, and by intimiate i mean that it only sits a handful of people - around 20 odd seats or so. However i wouldn't judge a place because of the size of the restaurant; because it is small, the guy at the bar was very attentive and was able to give good recommendations, especially with the drinks! This place is a definite thumbs up for me, i mean i have heard a few mixed reviews about this place prior, but needless to say i walked away from here with a positive opinion about this place. It might depend on what you order as well (?) scallops and lamb were definitely a winner in my opinion and the service is great (you wouldn't come here for a romantic dinner for two you know? it's more of a social, casual yet classy dinner/drinks sort of place). Anise is definitely a favourite in my books, I'm keen to come back here for wine and cheese! (i spotted a cheese board!) 

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