September 20, 2012

Sardine Tin | Southbank

Unfortunately no photos, but i feel the need to highlight in words how much i enjoyed eating/hanging out here! My friend Haichau and I reserved a place here in the evening; it's a small little place, but good things come in small packages! We ordered the Cheese plate (with 5 different types of cheese, pear to accompany and a bowl of small sliced, toasted warm bread to go with) and the Charcuterie Plate (which consisted of 2 types of cured meats, and, chicken liver pate, duck rillete and pork terrine - also had the warm toasted bread as well) The portions when they come out will appear 'small' if you're a big eater, but this place isn't designed for single meals sort of place, but a sharing one! And over conversation, we found ourselves quite full! It would probably be due to the richness of the cheese with bread and the pate!!

I would probably recommend making a reservation as it gets quite busy, it's a really good place for tapas/drinks or in our case, cheese and meats to share; Sardine Tin just has that really good vibe and is worth a visit!

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