September 9, 2012

Pawpaw Cafe | Woolloongaba

Baked Eggs - with spiced Sofrito, Fetta, Chorizo & Dukkah
Croque Monsieur - Prosciutto & Gruyere on Sourdough

photos courtesy of kei

You can never go wrong at a cafe that serves Campos Coffee (thank you pawpaw cafe)!! If the food isn't great, at least you'll know you're getting nice coffee! BUT thankfully the breakfast is good here, thumbs up from myself and kei. Initially we ventured out to the Brisbane Markets at around 630-7am to have a look and such... but afterwards ended up here at Pawpaw Cafe. Pawpaw Cafe is a sorta corner/tucked away/behind another restaurant sort of cafe - it has a very relaxed feel to it, it's one of those cafes where you can have good coffee, food and conversation! the vibe it gives is very relaxed/welcoming, and doesn't have the vibe that scream 'sorry-we-only-cater-to-particular-pompous-hipster-crowds' that some other places can tend to emit!

The Baked Eggs was my choice (yes!! thankfully i ordered first because Kei also wanted this :P) and kei's choice was the Croque Monsieur...  The Baked Eggs were fantastic; i have nothing to compare them too, but the combination of eggs, cheese and chorizo is absolutely delicious. When it comes out the eggs are still runny, and the dish it is in is hot, so the egg cooks itself if you leave it.. so technically in fact you can eat it when it is slightly runny (if you prefer it that way), wait for it to cook, or just stir it together with the rest of the ingredients! It's also a plus that this meal isn't an overload of bread either .. so you really end up cleaning up this dish well; what i also like is that the bread comes out warm and lightly toasted with a wad of butter to the side... it's just that sometimes when they butter the bread for you... and you don't eat it straight away it just becomes too soggy! (or maybe i'm just being too picky....) but i can't say enough how much i actually enjoyed this! that goes the same for kei's as well.. you cannot go wrong with prosciutto & cheese... seriously!! Shanks Pawpaw Cafe, twas a good start to my morning!

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