September 6, 2012

Malt Dining [The Attic] | Brisbane CBD

Pan Seared Hervey Bay Scallops, Cauliflower Beignet, Wild Rice Granola, Coriander
Slow Cooked Quail Breast,Tart of Confit Quail & Caramelized Fire Roasted Onion, Jerusalem Artichoke Puree

Sous Vide Grimaud Duck Breast
Corn Pudding, Cotechino, Seasonal Beans, Fondant Celeriac & Potato
Seared Rack & Slow Cooked Shoulder of Lamb
Aligot, Black Olive, Baby Vegetables
Roasted Parsnip & Kipfler PotatoWith Chorizo, Olives, Sage

Malt Brownie
Salted Caramel, Chocolate Textures, Peanut Brittle
Fine Apple Tart
Brandy Snap, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
First non-breakfast post! I'll let the photos do most of the talking here (though they're grainy and not the best due to ULTRA low light where we were sitting, and silly me with no flash! #sadface) And this is actually the second time i've been here! the first time i didn't have any camera on me! -

For entree, i myself had the scallops and the fatty had the quail, the scallops were cooked well, but its combination with the wild rice granola which is the key to this dish i believe!  it was just that little bit of crunch and saltiness from the wild rice which just made the taste in this entree from good, to really good. The quail, while it was enjoyable i didn't quite think it was much of a standout compared to the scallops! (being bias here! hehe)

For the mains, i was torn between choosing the salmon or the duck.. ultimately the duck won me over! i was pretty satisfied with the duck, it was tender and not over cooked or chewy! what i also like is the accompanying sauce beans and potato! This dish also had duck liver (i think) and it was a bit too rich and salty for my liking... but still good none the less in combination! While the photo may indicate the portions to be on the 'smaller' side.. in between conversation and wine.. by the time i finished i was pretty full! I love duck! But also keeping in mind we got a side of to share as well, which was delicious! chorizo = heaven!! the fatty's lamb was actually good as well.. considering lamb is my least favourite of choice of meats...

For Dessert, we chose the apple tart and malt brownie. The Apple Tart is A+++, the photo doesn't do it any justice at all in terms of what it tastes like (nor does the presentation - don't be disappointed by how it looks like as the taste makes up for it!), but the tart is made of a light pastry and inside with apple filling, and accompanied with the vanilla ice cream made it perfect!! If i had to compare this Apple Tart to another apple based desert, it would have to be the Apple Millefeuille Dessert at Sake; the Sake dessert is much light in comparison and i personally would prefer it over Malts, but i mean they are both so good (i've been to Sake a few times and have always gotten the Apple Millefeuille, so i definitely recommend it!) The Malt Brownie was just as delicious... a thick wedge of vanilla ice cream in between chunks of brownie!! awesome combination and nice presentation! 

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  1. I went there recently and ordered very similar dishes to you. I must say your pictures looked way better than mine. :) I am not a big fan of apple tart in general, but after what you said, I might give it a try next time.


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