September 1, 2012

Kettle and Tin | Paddington

Hunter's Eggs: Eggs scrambled with roma tomato and sauteed onion topped prosciutto and grilled toast
Chorizo & Sweet Potato Frittata with Tomato chutney & rocket salad
Kettle & Tin, one of the many cafes in Paddington, the difference being that it's sort of  a house turn cafe sort of place; love the exterior and interior of this cafe - with choice of seating on the 'porch' outside in the sun or inside. It has a very modern vintagey feel to it, which i do admit had me drawn to it regardless of what would be on the menu... (it's funny how sometimes the 'feel' and 'look' of a place is just as important as the food.. or if not, a big factor in attracting people to it!)

Hunter's Eggs was my choice and Chorizo & Sweet Potato Frittata for Kei. The prosciutto was the star of my meal, the extra saltiness along with the eggs, tomato and bread just completed it!!! The egg on its own would have been a little plain but with the prosciutto, it was perfect for taste! I thought that my portions was well balanced... I say this because usually when i order a meal with toasted bread i find that you end up with more bread than 'topping' - so by the time you've finished the first slice of bread with the egg (or whichever topping), i always have a slice of bread which is usually untouched because it's too plain to eat on its own! Can't comment too much about Kei's frittata only that it sounds/looks good! Chorizo & Sweet Potato! What an awesome savoury combination, definitely not something you would see everyday considering the 'usual' frittatas are of egg, corn, potato or ham - it gives the menu an interesting twist, and i guess that's what sets this menu apart from other cafes; the menu while remains simple and sort of limited (for breakfast), each item deviates from what you would normally expect!

Other bloggers who have reviewed this place seemed to comment on the service being a bit poor and food coming out slow (?). It didn't feel that way to me, but then again, i suppose Kei and i were just talking and time seemed to pass (and the impressions i got from the waitstaff weren't rude either). So i guess it's just subjective to the matter of how fast you want the food out/what kind of service you want, and whether or not you're in good company & good conversation :)

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