September 15, 2012

Blackstar Coffee | West End

photos again thanks to kei

After a failed attempt going to Bunker over at Milton (realising it's closed - this was at around maybe 7am in the morning)... and then driving over to Cup Coffee at West End, when it doesn't open until 8am... we ended up here at Blackstar Coffee! The first thing that stood out to me about this place is that it has a very grungy but relaxed feel - you can definitely expect a mixed crowd of customers from the elderly enjoying there coffee with their newspaper to the younger crowds seeking a caffeine boost.. Although the name suggests otherwise... they do offer select breakfast foods.

Seeing as that by it's name (obviously) it's more of a coffee roastery sort of cafe, i stuck with a basic Walnut Muesli - i find that by choosing very simple/basic items on menu that specialise more in coffee than foods, you can't go wrong! (Since as they focus more in coffee rather than food... more effort will be in the coffee rather than food.. so simple foods are best as they will be easily prepared & still taste good!) I was actually pretty surprised when the muesli came out, it looked so delicious, because i set no high expectations in terms of 'breakfast food' (and i don't mean that in a bad way, only because it is a coffee roastery you know?) Also Kei's breakfast was quite simple as well, but it's probably the simplicity of it which added to it.. simple presentation, simple flavours & with good coffee makes it all the more enjoyable!

While there seemed to be a selection of cold pressed coffee, i didn't chance to try it, but just had the usual latte; the one thing about this coffee that stood out was the creaminess of it! The type of bean they used was also quite smooth, it doesn't have that 'sharp' taste that some places have! (Personally i favour the creamy type coffees than the sharp tangy ones) Thumbs up for the coffee here! Definitely keen to try out the cold pressed coffees, have heard a lot of recommendations for i.. which got me thinking that i should have had one as take away!

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