September 23, 2012

Banneton | New Farm

Apple Nougatine

Passionfruit Tart
This place is for the sweet tooth's out there. Upon entering this patisserie you're greeted with a lovely assortment of pastries, from sweet to savoury and a wall stacked with various types of bread. I was on a mission to try something sweet! In one cabinet there will be breads, sandwiches and such and the other with cakes and pastry like sweets; there were so many options!!

I chose the Apple Nougatine - basically it's sort of like an apple tart in a thick vanilla-ry pastry and topped with roasted almonds! What i loved about this is that there is actually slices of apples and the fact that the pastry isn't 'boring' (?)  what i mean by that is sometimes you come across desserts where you eat the filling and leave the outer pastry shell, because a) the pastry is too thick and boring on it's own and b) the pastry part is all you can taste (due to it's thickness). And therefore you end up leaving a huge chunk of the pastry part of the dessert behind!! (don't lie! i'm sure most people have tasted such a pastry or tart like that before!!) Well! This pastry actually has a sweet taste to it so even though it's on the thicker side (the base), when eaten together with the apple and the almonds, it actually compliments it well, you can still taste the sweetness of the apple as well as the slight crunch of the almonds AND have the pastry bit to balance it out. Now that i think about it i'm not sure if pastry is the right word for it? Because the base is actually more on the 'creamy' side...

Kei had the Passionfruit Tart and for lunch the Chicken and Avocado Panini.. i'll let the pictures speak for themselves.. but i tried some of the passionfruit tart, and this one is definitely more for the sweet tooth's! When you break open the tart, you're greeted with a nice amount of passionfruit, i have to admit though i did enjoy the first bite, you're definitely going to need coffee and water at the same time to get through  a whole one by yourself!! (due to it's sweetness!)

Compared to Chouquette and Le Bon Choix, this place is more comparable to Chouquette, because it is more 'pastry' and bread based desserts, my personal preference is still Chouquette and Le Bon Choix, maybe because i have tried a more variety of their items... (Le Bon Choix definitely preferred more because of the cakes... not so much pastry/bread.. Chouquette.. for it's pastries, macarons AND tarts!) But i mean this place is still relatively new and for a first time experience i quiet enjoyed it, so still this place still gets a thumbs up from me!!

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