August 18, 2012

The Little Larder | New Farm

Steak and Eggs - rib fillet steak with eggs, tomato and mushroom served on thick toast
Pesto Scrambled Eggs - served on sourdough with smoked salmon and spinach or grilled ham and spinach (i opted for the salmon) 
Larder Special: Wagyu Burger - with onion rings, and coleslaw
 Around 930am the fatty, williepopper and myself ventured out to this place for breakfast...  this little cafe was already packed, people were waiting to be seated (luckily we  scored a table as soon as we got there) and the waitress entertaining our ears with her witty commands at people to not to be seated unless she says so. It's quiet refreshing compared to other places where in general it's just 'please', 'thank you's and your general niceties. Her's was just in your face! You can't help but laugh really.

Onwards to the food. the menu is quite simple on inspection and although i had mentally chosen the pesto scrambled eggs, we asked for a recommendation; the waiter, one of the fatty's friends recommended the pesto scrambled eggs (score! - what i had), the wagyu burger (the fatty's) and the baked beans.. williepopper ended up deviating from the recommended and chose the steak and eggs, while he enjoyed but was not outstanding on the menu. I was quite impressed with the eggs, firstly because you can actually taste the pesto, compared to pesto eggs i had in melbourne, while it appeared deliciously green and riddled with pesto - i could hardly taste anything! These pesto eggs were delicious however i was thinking i should of had ham instead of the salmon, the reason being, the salmon was quite salty and overpowering, so when eaten in combination with the eggs, the salmon dominated in terms of flavouring! this is my personal preference, but i'm not too big of a fan of really hard, crusty bread - so i would have preferred a softer kind of bread rather than the sourdough! (yes i'm pretty picky sometimes!) i tried some of the wagyu burger, and you can actually taste the wagyu! i'm pretty impressed considering that this is more a cafe/breakfasty place that they could dishout a decent chunk of wagyu - i was expecting something mediocre for the price i suppose. i mean compared to a burger joint (burger urge i think) their wagyu was pretty much just plain beef! so congrats to the little larder for pulling that one off. the onion rings were pretty good, had a nice crunch and not too oily, AND actually contained an onion and not just batter! there is also something about pickles and burgers, they just complete the burger for me! unfortunately i can't say too much about williepopper's breakfast, although his steak did look pretty good to me and we agreed that the eggs were a bit on the burnt side, but the fatty did point out they cooked it like that to add flavour (?).. but was not a stand out in his opinion!

Depending on what you're getting, these breakfasts' aren't overly massive if you're on the hunt for 'big breakfasts'. However the price you're paying the food and service is pretty good! if it gives you any idea, i would prefer to dine here rather than the gunshop cafe, in terms of food, pricing and service. the gunshop cafe while it retains the image of a 'hip-laidback-weekend-cafe' and is well known at westend, i do believe the name of the cafe (and location) is what sells the food (sorry to say this - in my previous review i did enjoy the ambience but food was ok, not too much of a standout - perhaps it was just what i ordered?) compared to the little larder, in a suburban street, decent price for the quality/taste of food  and more locally known, i would rather choose to come here for pal times and food; but like i said this is subjective to taste and what not.

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  1. Love your honest opinion and comparisons to other venues. I'm new to Brisbane and looking for places to dine so this is super helpful. Really excited to try the larder now


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