August 12, 2012

Dandelion and Driftwood | Tea and Coffee Crafters

Breakfast Trifle
Berry Bagel
first impressions - vintage, wooden tables, waiters with bow ties, bowls of sugar lamps, flowers,  jars of lollies,  suspended lightbulbs, feature lamps, and at the front of the cafe, a coffee cartel for takeaway orders - tucked away in the suburb of Hendra.  (a very melbourne-esque sorta cafe - reminds me of the hardware societe cafe in melbourne.)

In terms of breakfast the variety of breakfast type foods is limited compared to the types of drinks and coffees that are offered; but in having said that, i can offer no criticism to the breakfast trifle i ordered - who said breakfast can't be delicious and healthy at the same time! Kei and i ended up ordering 2 lattes' each, first set of lattes was just their general blends and the second being their single origin blends for the day - mine: Tanzania Songea Kusini Peaberry: caramalised balsamic, grapefruit, tangy acidity, juicy mouth feel - and kei's: Colombian Magdelena Teyuna: tobacco, honey, roasted peanut, pleasant supporting acidity. My blend was pretty interesting - could definitely tast the tangy grapefruit as they so describe it! definitely not your 'usual' sort of roast, but enjoyed it none-the-less. i love the fact that they give a little card describing what's in your coffee, and the taste to expect - so creative and cute! i didn't take a photo but you can sort of see in the photos above^

probably the perfect cafe for a light breakfast and pal times (not so much for someone who is looking for big breakfasts and such), and, not to mention for the avid coffee & tea lover, as the menu is quite extensive.

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