August 3, 2012

Campos Coffee - The August Menu

Chilli Scrambled Eggs

Braised Lamb Shoulder

Mars Bar Pancakes
I've already reviewed this place, but seeing as Campos have monthly menus, a few things on the menu caught my eye, so a visit was a must. I ordered the chilli scrambled eggs and the fatty ordered the lamb.. How ridiculous is that to have lamb for breakfast? Even so, it was a good choice! We also had the mars bar pancakes to share - normally wouldn't order this much for breakfast, but today's sorta a special day :)

The scrambled eggs - the eggs was done perfectly however i couldn't taste much of the chilli? i was a little disappointed, but the fact that it was cooked well made up for it.. i'm not sure if it's campos signature style to over do things a bit in terms of toasting.. but the potato rosti that came as the side was overdone a bit too much, to the point where it's actually burnt.. we did tell the waiter and he was kind enough to bring out another serving of it for us since i didn't touch the burnt ones.. to my knowledge.. rosti isn't supposed to be overly toasted to the point where it looks burnt? (the previous campos breakfast i had, the bread was also on the burnt side...) i'm not too sure what the greens were, spinach and some herb thing (?) but it was really nice! 

Campos might be the only place to serve lamb for breakfast; i mean i'm sure it's more of a lunch thing but it's pretty awesome that you can order it anytime! i have to say, usually i'm not a huge fan of lamb, i prefer beef, chicken, seafood and pork.. but the sauce and the beans that was cooked with it tasted amazing! a pretty good savoury dish for breakfast i must say... especially since the weather is still pretty cool.

The best is usually saved to the last, we also ordered the pancakes; i think this might be the highlight of the breakfast, i mean, look at how massive it is (THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID hurhur), but the pancakes were perfectly cooked - texture was fluffy, not too sweet either  - the chunks of mars bar, caramel and ice cream that accompanied it complemented it well, so you're not stuck with dry pancakes nor a pancakes drowned in sauce! i also have to say i love the presentation of this dish.. there's just something about having 3 chunky pancakes stacked up, i suppose i'm just used to seeing thin pancakes on a plate drowned in sauce of some kind!

There were other food items on the menu i'm also keen to try out as well, namely, Barramundi en Papillote, Broccoli & Parmesan Fritters and the Brioche French Toast. I guess the thing about Campos is, depending on what food you order, will determine whether or not you decide to like Campos Cafe - i mean i do admit, the first time i ordered food, it wasn't mind blowing amazing, but it was good and i was still undecided whether or not i loved it.. i think the food today probably tipped the scale towards a definite like; i suppose it's that idea of having different food items each month which makes Campos just a bit more unique to draw people back to it :)

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