August 27, 2012

Anouk | Paddington


orange, peach and ginger fruit shake
free range poachers and double smoked baconwith house hollandaise, cherry tomatoes and toast
apple turnover french toast with spiced maple syrup,caramelised pecans, mascarpone and cream.

The menu makes choosing difficult. First World Problems. While at a lot of breakfast places, a lot of the time you can easily pick a stand out in the menu - something that grabs your attention easily - But here, each dish just had that something that made me want to choose one over the other, so to make life easier for myself, we asked the recommendation from the waitress! I ended up with the eggs and the fatty chose the apple turnover french toast without any hesitation! I also ordered my usual latte and also a juice to share; a blend of orange, peach and ginger - really refreshing combination, and you can actually taste the ginger which gives it a bit of a kick!

It was the simplicity of my meal that was appealing to me, a 'cleaner' version of an eggs benedict, less bread (which i prefer), eggs not being overwhelmed with hollandaise sauce (which i also prefer), roasted cherry tomatoes and plenty of bacon! the portions were just right for a breakfast, nothing too heavy or light, but having said that, this was shared... and i also had half the french toast, latte and a bit of the juice... while i enjoyed my dish, i think the star out of both of the breakfasts' was the apple turnover french toast. i don't think i've enjoyed french toast this much for a little while! Both pieces of toast is very thick cut, so it wasn't too dry or soggy, the mascarpone and maple syrup didn't drown it either and the caramelised pecans were awesome as an accompaniment (different from the usual seasonal berries, the huge dollops of mascarpone and pools of syrup which just overwhelms the bread and that's all you can usually taste.. i mean sometimes i don't mind that but most of the time it also means i don't finish it because all i can taste/feel like im eating is maple syrup, cream and berries) also, not to mention the apple puree that was soaked into the bread! this french toast was pretty perfect for me! thumbs up for this one!

^ I would definitely recommend the french toast here if you're like myself and love thick cut pieces of bread without it being overwhelmed with the sweeter component of sauces etc :) i have to also say, the rest of the menu Anouk offers sound pretty promising! although not too keen on the one with sardines...

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