July 23, 2012

The Gunshop Cafe | West End

swiss brown mushrooms, roasted baby peppers, haloumi, olive sourdough, salsa verde
toasted bagal w. hot smoked salmon, poached eggs, asparagus, herbed hollandaise
(photos courtesy of my friend Kei)

So i've heard time and time and again, many mentions of this place, as the place to be for breakfasts; finally on Sunday, my friend Kei and i ventured to try this place out. I do admit, the atmosphere of the cafe was quite appealing to me; we were seated outside at the back, a neat surprise when we were lead to the back of the cafe where there were more tables :)

anyway. food. i'll let the pictures speak for themselves, i ordered the mushrooms with haloumi; two of my favourites which i like seeing on an menu, and also if they are prepared to my liking; the mushrooms were cooked well - very juicy & flavoursome, the haloumi probably a little bit undercooked in my opinion, but still delicious with the lemon; can't really say too much about the roasted peppers or the sourdough, other than the fact that it was brilliant that the sourdough soaked up all the juice from the mushrooms and bellpeppers, as well as the lemon, therefore instead of having an overly chewy and hard sourdough bread; it was full of flavour, soft and easier to cut with a knife! if anything, i actually still felt a bit hungry after this; don't expect the portions of a 'big breakfast' - i felt somewhat healthy eating this (as opposed to other breakfast places which can have large servings of food!) so in having saying that; i was wishing something along the lines of an egg, poached or scrambled to appear next to this - which would have made it more satisfying & complete in my opinion. Also, initially i actually wanted the bagel because of the salmon and egg, but i thought i would steer away from salmon a bit since i've been having it a lot recently.. for dinner.. sorta regretted it though... the bagel does look delicious doesn't it?

definitely more known of a breakfast place rather than a coffee place - i do believe i am enticed to come back and try more of the breakfast menu after this first time; although there is one thing i would mention to the price savvy breakfast consumer, in terms of price there are other breakfast places that i personally would prefer to go to, but i do believe the atmosphere of this cafe makes up for what you pay for.

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