June 12, 2012

Peter's Fish Market | Gold Coast


grilled salmon
grilled salmon
i'll let the pictures speak for themselves; probably one of the best fish and chip places i've been too - i mean i know you're probably thinking, 'what's so good about it? it's just fish and chips' - i mean i concur, that's true, but the great thing about this place is that you actually choose all the fish yourself, and you pay for what you choose - you don't have to look at a menu and figure out what kind of fish they're using! You actually know that the fish you're choosing is fresh! ... So you basically choose the fish, take it to the counter and ask for how you want them cooked, grilled, battered or crumbed, in this instant we had our fish grilled ^ the price is also very good as well, considering that it's fresh and all!

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